Creative Graphic Design Services

One of the most important aspect of getting your message out in printed form is the quality of design and the aesthetic value of the printed media. Handbills, magazines, books and other print mediums like Flex Banner, SAV etc can only grab the attention of the reader if the choice of colours and design style is attractive and carries the right message.

Whether you need a custom logo design, a CD cover design for your new album, a book cover design, a flyer design, or a brochure design, our expert graphic designers can develop a design that will meet your marketing,

advertising and promotional needs.


Logo Design / Branding

Successful branding uses design to project a message that attracts your target audience – a message that builds confidence in your brand while differentiating between you and your competitors. People judge the book by the cover, that is why the impression you project with you business image counts a lot.

STAND OUT. Let’s help you build a brand that people will remember.


Business card & Stationary Design

We offer outstanding stationery design built from scratch around your logo, taking on and enhancing your company personality. We are professionals in helping you choose the right colour, concept and style.

With the right image, your business is sure to standout above the competition.


Brochure Design

Brochures are the quintessential marketing piece that everyone asks for and every business needs to tell their story in a brief one page document or “pamphlet.”

Do you have a business brochure?, if you don’t, we can help you create one for your business. Click here to contact Dunga Prints today and let us design a brochure for you that makes the right statement about your business.

Click here to see samples of our work.


Invites, Greeting Cards & Note Cards

We help you design and print Custom-made and not store bought cards that you can personalize for announcements, invitations, greeting cards.

Instead of sending a typical announcement, greeting or invitation, you can send something with personality. Contact Dunga Prints today.